Powder & Weather Alerts is a service that allows you to keep in touch with everything that is happening on your favorite mountains. With Powder & Weather Alerts you can customize how you want to be notified. Rest assured we will only send you what you want.

Current Features

Snow Report

Find out how much snow accumulated in the last 24 hours. Choose the depth threshold and time you would like to receive.

Snow Forecast

Be alerted when a big storm is headed toward the mountain; forecast provided by Open Snow.

Weather Forecast

Stay on top of the weather forecast at the mountain. Choose daily or weekend forecast alerts.

Vacation Schedule

If you are planning a trip and only want alerts for a specific time select your dates.

Coming Soon

Featured Events

Be in the know about upcoming events. Choose daily or weekend event alerts.

Resort Webcams

Receive a text showing the snow pilling up on the snowstake first thing in the morning or on your schedule.

Lift Status

Select the lifts you want to monitor at your favorite mountains and get a text message every time that that lift’s status changes during the time the resort is open.

Amazon Echo Alexa Flash Briefings

Add you favorite resort to your Alexa Flash briefing and every day you will be notified about the snow that has fallen in the last 24 hours, and the current temperature and forecast.